Investing in Durham's Visitor Economy – Invest Evaluation Process (IEP)

Visit County Durham provides an intelligence-based critical friend investment support process to those wishing to invest in the county’s tourism product. Whether you're an expanding visitor attraction or accommodation provider or new to the area and considering investing in the county's visitor economy, we can help. Our Investment Evaluation Process (IEP), has been in place since 2007 and is based on the Durham Tourism Management Plan.


Using a set of criteria that has been agreed by the county’s Economic Partnership and tested by a range of live projects, the IEP process identifies issues that proposers need to think about when developing a proposal. By using the criteria proposers are forewarned of the criteria most support agencies and funding bodies relate to and are able to focus on the key issues relating to tourism development.


On completion of the process, most proposers should be in a stronger position to progress projects which are more customer and market focused, more viable and sustainable and which fit strategically with county and regional plans. The ATMaP process itself does not judge or decide on whether or how projects progress.


The IEP shapes and supports new and existing tourism projects, particularly capital projects. It allows project developers to ensure their proposal is evidence-based and appropriate to the development of the county as a visitor destination and how they can maximise support from a variety of agencies. 


We would like your development ideas to be successful and we'd like to help if we can.


More information on the IEP can be found in the Durham Tourism Management Plan in Strategies and Plan section or you can contact the Destination Development Team on 03000 261220

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