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Durham Tourism Management Plan 2016-2020

The Durham Tourism Management Plan (DTMaP) is recognised across the county as the plan for developing its visitor economy. The plan is considered the most appropriate way for the county to prioritise investment in the tourism industry. All organisations and businesses in the county can use it to guide their strategic thinking, proposals and activities.

An essential part of the DTMaP is to shape and support new and existing tourism projects, particularly capital projects. It allows project developers to ensure their proposal is appropriate to the development of the county as a visitor destination and how they can maximise support from a variety of agencies.

Durham has identified eight priorities that will deliver a more vibrant visitor economy:

  • Lengthen the amount of time that visitors spend in the county
  • Improve the quality of the visitor experience post arrival
  • Differentiate Durham for external audiences
  • Attract new staying visitors to the county
  • Retain existing day visitors to the county
  • Address seasonality
  • Develop new product and support existing product strengths
  • Improve SME and micro business performance