Filming Friendly Durham Screen Tourism

Screen tourism is a growing trend, with visitors wanting to immerse themselves in their favourite films or shows, by visiting the places where they were filmed and walking in the footsteps of the characters. Screen appeal can also support lesser known destinations, attract younger audiences and drive international interest. And with Durham being seen on screen in a number of Hollywood blockbusters, cult classic and TV favourites, this market, worth over £100m to England as a whole, represents a huge opportunity for the destination and our partners, which is why it is a key theme within Visit County Durham’s marketing activity.

As well as capitalising on past productions Visit County Durham is working in partnership with North East Screen, and Durham County Council has signed the Filming Friendly Charter, maximising the county’s potential as a filming location and showcasing the landscapes and urban environments which make Durham unique.

How to get involved

There are a number of ways for businesses to benefit from screen tourism:

  • Register as a location to be included in the county’s directory, used by production companies to find the perfect filming locations
  • Register as a facility if you provide accommodation, catering, or other services required by production companies
  • Harness screen appeal by using past or current productions in your own marketing activity
  • Discover which major productions have been filmed in the county

Creative England also provide a number of useful resources: