Filming Friendly Durham Apply for Permission

Below you will find useful information on how to apply for filming or photography permission, and advice on how to ensure your request can proceed without delay.

Applications cannot be made by email, only via the application form. All relevant sections must be completed to enable us to identify exactly what your requirements are, so that we can determine whether your request is feasible and what level of involvement is required from Durham County Council.

Required documents

As well as the application form, you also need to provide:

    • A location specific risk assessment for the filming – if you don’t have one already a template can be obtained from

    • Proof of Public Liability Insurance (PLI) - minimum cover £5m

Use of drones

If a drone is to be used during filming, we also require the following information:

    • Pilot’s proof of PLI - minimum cover £5m (if not covered by the above PLI)

    • Pilot’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) certificate

    • Drone take off, flight path and landing points

Once we have received your request

Filming Friendly Durham will contact the relevant Durham County Council departments and Durham Constabulary on your behalf. We aim to be in touch within 5 working days with a decision, however, this is dependent on the complexities of each request.

Please note

    • Durham County Council do not issue blanket/county-wide filming permissions. All requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis

    • Charges can be applicable and usually start from £50 for a basic ‘licence to occupy’ permit. Again this will be looked at on a location specific basis and your individual requirements

    • If your request is for a privately owned location, you will be notified that you need to contact them directly. Durham County Council manages the following types of location (list not exhaustive):
        • Public Highways and streets

        • Event spaces (Durham Market Place, Millennium Place in Durham City etc)

        • Parks and green spaces

        • Durham County Council managed land/property and municipal buildings

        • Parking (on street suspensions and dispensations)

        • Cemeteries and crematoriums

        • Libraries

        • Durham County Council galleries

If you have specific queries regarding completion of the form, please contact us.