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The Tea Enthusiasts

The Tea Enthusiasts have a lot to offer business customers large or small. Our personalised hands-on approach to service means your orders will not only be competitively priced within the market but customised to meet your needs.  Bring your drinks upmarket and on trend with artisanal teas of the highest quality at prices you wouldn't believe.

Business to Business sales are a cornerstone of our brand and company. We offer services on all levels of the food and drink market and provide you with everything you need to use or sell our teas. Attractive packaging, high-quality goods, strong point of sale and incentivised purchasing policies mean you and your customers or employees will get the best teas at the best prices.

Cafe, Restaurant, Retail and Catering Services: 

Competitive pricing to increase you margins
A steady supply of the teas you need FAST
Access to new teas and seasonal blends
Discounts on ancillary goods (infusers pots ect)
A fantastic starter package with instructions and samples to get you started quickly and easily
Single point account management and direct contact
Advice that is relevant and timely for your business needs
Promotional materials to help sell the tea and educate the consumer on its ease of use
Custom blends can be tailored to your business and include your logos!
One of the largest selections of loose leaf tea in the UK. If we don't have it we can get it or blend it!
Access to our FULL range of teas: It's not all on the website yet but you can still get it first

Business and Corporate Services: 

Full customisable and bespoke corporate gift service
Employee rewards packages
Bespoke packaging for your company, with your brand
Bespoke signature blends for your company
High discounts on teas and related goods
Subscription discounts for your staff
Fast turnaround on all orders
Single point account management and direct contact