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Durham Mustard

England’s first smooth dry mustard was developed by Mrs Clements of Durham in 1720. You may associate Norfolk with mustard; however, it was here in Durham where dry mustard powder was originally created.

Anya Kirkby, owner of Durham Mustard, is bringing Durham Mustard back to the region with her background in agriculture and research experience at Beamish Museum.

After researching more about Mrs Clements and Durham Mustard, Anya was inspired to bring the story back to the region and has just launched Durham Mustard who is now looking to sell the handmade mustard to shops, accommodation providers, food producers and restaurants across County Durham. Durham Mustard has been created with the support of Taste Durham which showcases the county’s food and drink and encourages people who live here, and those who are visiting, to sample the best we have to offer.

If you would like to find out more about stocking Durham Mustard or to learn more about the history please get in touch.