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Durham Coffee

Ethically sourced speciality coffee with a local twist

Durham Coffee is a small family run business and the journey from bean to cup is always a personal process. Having worked as a father-daughter team in the coffee industry for many years now we are proud to introduce you to our unique Durham Heritage Range and excited to connect with people through coffee – offering ethically sourced speciality graded coffee from sustainable supply chains.

Pause and experience the delicate fusion of flavours with all your senses.

At Durham Coffee, we are the first in the UK to roast on a 12Kg AMR and we are excited to pioneer this new cutting-edge air-roasting technology. The Air-Roasting process is a highly sophisticated and interactive roasting experience which involves coffee beans being suspended and roasted on a bed of hot air. The vortex within the roasting chamber created by the air, roasts each coffee bean at the same rate from all directions. The Air-Roaster ensures a clean, pure and balanced roast giving the end product a very clean taste that is intensely aromatic, together with enhanced flavour notes; it produces an exceptional cup of coffee.