Key Visitor Economy Developments

England Originals

For the very first time Durham along with 14 of England’s top ranked historic cities and the City of London, have come together as England Originals from England’s Historic Cities* and are previewing their five new, easy to book itineraries.

Available as pre-built packages or as build-your-own-itineraries, the tours are aimed at international visitors and are easy and simple to book through England Originals’ new website. Customers will experience England close-up as they hop on and off the train straight into the heart of the cities, during each of the five multi-destination trips.

England's Originals

Easy to complete in three-to-four-days, Durham is one of three cities featured in the Treasure Trove tour. Visitors are invited to delve into history at Durham Cathedral and grasp hold of the sanctuary knocker, which in the Medieval period it ensured criminals right of sanctuary or protection in the cathedral. 

England's Heritage Cities App

The app takes visitors on a journey through history, meeting some of the most fascinating characters from the past through trigger points at historic attractions. A series of new bookable itineraries also let visitors choose a path less travelled to get to the heart and soul of England, creating their own journey through history and countryside as they discover some of the most historic cities in the county.

The England Originals app has been updated to include some exciting new features, taking advantage of cutting edge augmented reality technology to provide engaging and immersive content for each of our itineraries.

Table top tours let users place a 3D model of each city on a surface using augmented reality and learn a little about the human history behind some of the most important products in each destination. Designed to be used pre-visit, each short audio story will be accompanied by an illustration and placed in the appropriate location on the map, encouraging users to explore and spark an interest in going to these places during their visit.

When in-destination, augmented reality ‘portals’ will give users access to places otherwise off-limits – such as locked rooms, exclusive city views or locations outside of the city centre they may be interested in visiting. These virtual doorways will be accessible in selected parts of each city, and act as an immersive way to add value to the visitor experience.

As well as the augmented reality content, the app will contain a directory of recommended local bars, restaurants, hotels and other attractions for each city.

Download it here: App Store | Google play 

How to Get Involved

For information on how to get your business featured within the app please contact or on 07812 037006 to talk through further opportunities to get involved. England Originals also have product partners which they can introduce you to, as well as images, video and copy you can use.