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Touch Stay

Touch Stay digital welcome books collate all the information guests need to enjoy their stay without the clutter of leaflets, print outs or binders. Easy to create and intuitive to use, tailor the design with your logo and colours, include text, photos, videos and links. Share it with guests securely from the moment they book - so they can plan better and arrive more prepared!

The results?

  • Guests ask fewer questions
  • You save precious time 
  • Your guests arrive more prepared and leave happier

The return on investing in the guest experience? 

  • More 5* reviews, recommendations to friends and repeat bookings

86% of users say they’ve halved the time they spend managing guests since introducing Touch Stay guidebooks. 

A digital guest welcome book provides guests with everything they need to know about your accommodation before and during their stay:

  • practical property information 
  • inspirational destination content 
  • personal recommendations
  • house rules
  • appliance instructions
  • add-ons and upsells

Plus, guests appreciate the effort users go to to make their stay even better, building trust and loyalty amongst guests. Even if they do ask a question, you can direct them straight to where it's answered in your guidebook (or you can add this new piece of information quickly and it'll update immediately for them too).

New to Touch Stay? Take a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) to have a play with the platform. Understand how it works for you, how it looks for guests, and how much of a time saver it'll be.