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The Crafty Monkey Brewery Co

The Crafty Monkey Brewery Co founders are Pat and Gary. Friends and colleagues for over 30 years, they had a dream….to produce a beer the North East would be proud of – and so the Crafty Monkey Brewing Company was born.

Our philosophy is simple….We use the finest ingredients and don’t compromise on our brewing method. We carefully design our beers with a specific style in mind, but all our beers must have a unique mouthfeel with depth and layers of flavour that make Crafty Monkey stand out from the crowd. We take no shortcuts and experiment to get what we set out for in a beer.  We then finish off by asking ourselves one simple but important question after tasting the final product….‘Would I buy another one?’…. Only when the answer is Yes will we put our name to it.

We will not compromise the quality of our beers for anything……In short, we create ‘beers that hang around.’