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Durham Distillery

Durham Distillery is a small-batch craft distillery based on the outskirts of historic and beautiful Durham City. Our aim is to create spirits of genuine integrity; produced by hand, using traditional methods, the highest quality ingredients and a true passion for our work.

We make everything that we sell ourselves. We don’t buy in Gin from other companies and stick fancy labels on. We make small batches of a few hundred bottles at a time. We make it slowly, and each batch takes several days to make. We select the botanicals ourselves, using the best ingredients. We bottle it and label it by hand, to make sure that when it gets to you, the drinker, it tastes really special.

We all come from Durham, and we love the City, and we love really great Gin, whether it is in a G&T or a cocktail. Sometimes we even drink it without a mixer, just like whiskey.

We are the first, and only distillery in County Durham, and we are proud of our uniqueness and our links to the City. Rex Habit Extra, Quicquid Episcopus Habit Intra, as they used to say in the old days.

We are members of the Scottish Craft Distillers Association, which reflects the fact that we see ourselves as having more in common with small craft distilleries in Scotland rather than with the big spirits companies. We want to become the North East’s distiller of choice for people who care about the provenance, quality and craft of the products they consume.

There is a big change taking place in the spirits world. Small-batch craft spirits are moving from the niche to the mainstream and are becoming regarded as the premium offering in the spirits market. We like to think that in the future customers will choose their spirits based on a knowledge and understanding of their provenance and characteristics.